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WordPress Basics

  • Hide SEO columns on the All Posts screen?
  • Editing Images

Posts & Pages

  • Edit a post?
  • Quick edit a post?
  • Delete a post?
  • Create a page?
  • Edit a page?
  • Delete a page?
  • Make a page a child of another page?
  • Create a post?
  • Format text in a post?
  • Importing Content From Another Site
  • Quick edit a page?

Visual Editor

  • Embed an image gallery in a post?

Categories & Tags

  • Create a category?
  • Delete a category?
  • Create a tag?
  • Add/remove tags in a post?
  • Rename a tag?
  • Delete a tag?
  • Rename a category?
  • Add a category to a post?


  • Add a free theme from WordPress.org?
  • Customize the theme I'm using?
  • Delete a theme?
  • Hotspot: Edit Theme Templates
  • Hotspot: Themes Editor
  • Hotspot: Edit Theme Styles
  • Hotspot: Theme Feature Filter
  • Hotspot: Search for Themes
  • Hotspot: Available Themes
  • Hotspot: Current Theme
  • Hotspot: Add New Theme
  • Hotspot: Search Installed Themes
  • Hotspot: Theme Count
  • What are Themes?
  • Install a theme to my site?
  • Hotspot: Theme Directory Sections
  • Hotspot: Theme Select Menu
  • Delete a theme?
  • Activate a theme?
  • Install a theme to my site?
  • Upload a theme?
  • Hotspot: Search Installed Themes
  • Install a theme to my site?
  • Hotspot: Search for Themes
  • Hotspot: Upload a Theme
  • Hotspot: Theme Directory Sections
  • Hotspot: Theme Feature Filter
  • Hotspot: Active Theme
  • Hotspot: Available Themes
  • Hotspot: Theme Directory Sections
  • Change my active theme?
  • Hotspot: Search Installed Themes
  • Hotspot: Search for Themes

Website Settings

  • Change my site title?
  • Change the site tagline?
  • Set the default email address?
  • Set the default timezone?
  • Change the permalinks?
  • Change date formatting?
  • Hotspot: Timezone
  • Hotspot: Set new default user role
  • Hotspot: E-Mail Address
  • Hotspot: Site Title
  • Hotspot: Default Post Category
  • Hotspot: Date Format
  • Hotspot: Site Address
  • Hotspot: Tagline
  • Hotspot: Time Format
  • Hotspot: Formatting
  • Hotspot: Membership
  • Hotspot: Week Starts On
  • Overview: General Settings
  • Change the default post format?
  • Change the default post category?
  • Media Settings
  • Hotspot: WordPress Address
  • Hotspot: Show in Feed
  • Hotspot: Front Page Displays
  • Hotspot: Blog Pages Show At Most
  • Hotspot: Search Engine Visibility
  • Hotspot: Syndication Feeds
  • Hotspot: Default Post Format
  • Hotspot: Update Services
  • Enable registration?
  • Hide the site from search engines?
  • Change the permalink settings?
  • Change the site title?
  • Change the site tagline?
  • General Settings
  • Reading Settings
  • Discussion Settings
  • Change the number of posts shown on a page?
  • Change my site's front page?
  • Change the default post category?
  • Hotspot: Site Language


  • Set a default user role?
  • Change the default user role?
  • Add a new user?
  • Change a user's role?
  • Managing Users
  • Editing Your Profile
  • Change a user's account information?

Media Library

  • Add media from my computer?
  • Hotspot: Media Library > Add New
  • Hotspot: Shortcut Links
  • Hotspot: Filter Dates
  • Hotspot: Search Media
  • Hotspot: File Column
  • Hotspot: Author Column
  • Hotspot: Uploaded Column
  • Hotspot: Date Column
  • Hotspot: Comments Column
  • Delete files in the Media Library?
  • Edit media?
  • Hotspot: Media Library Bulk Actions
  • Upload a file to the media library?
  • What is the Media Library?
  • What is the Media Library?
  • Using the Media Library
  • Hotspot: Add Multiple Files to the Media Library
  • Hotspot: Filter Media Types in Grid View
  • Bulk Actions in Grid View
  • Hotspot: Add Files with the Browser Uploader
  • Delete a file in the Media Library?
  • Find the direct link to a media file?
  • Edit files in the Media Library?


  • Turn off comments sitewide?
  • What are Comments?
  • Moderate a single comment?
  • Blacklist comments?
  • Identifying Spam Comments


  • Create a menu?
  • What are Custom Menus?
  • Assign a menu to a theme location?
  • Add a description to a menu item?
  • Make menu items open in a new tab/window?
  • Delete a menu?
  • Hotspot: Edit Menus Tab
  • Hotspot: Create a New Menu
  • Hotspot: Menu Screen Options
  • Hotspot: Manage Locations Tab
  • Hotspot: Select a Menu
  • Hotspot: Menu Name
  • Hotspot: Choose a Link
  • Hotspot: Side Menu
  • Hotspot: Choosing Pages
  • Hotspot: Delete Menu
  • Hotspot: Menu Settings
  • Hotspot: Menu Structure
  • Hotspot: Save Menu
  • Add a CSS class to a menu item?
  • Add a page to a menu?
  • Add a link to a menu?
  • Add a post to a menu?
  • Add a tag to a menu?
  • Add a category to a menu?
  • Add a category to a menu?


  • Add a widget?
  • Hotspot: Available Widgets
  • Hotspot: Archives
  • Hotspot: Pages
  • Hotspot: Meta
  • Hotspot: Calendar
  • Hotspot: Categories
  • Hotspot: Inactive Widgets
  • Overview of the Widgets Screen
  • Delete a widget?
  • Hotspot: Recent Comments
  • Hotspot: Custom Menu
  • Hotspot: Tag Cloud
  • Hotspot: Text
  • Hotspot: Widget Areas
  • Hotspot: Recent Posts
  • Hotspot: Search
  • Hotspot: RSS
  • Add code in a widget?
  • Add a custom menu widget?


  • Upload a plugin?
  • Activate a plugin?
  • Deactivate a plugin?
  • Delete a Plugin
  • Managing Plugins in WordPress
  • Managing Plugins in WordPress
  • Hotspot: Plugin Directory Sections
  • Find & install a free plugin?
  • Hotspot: Plugin Directory Sections

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